Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World

“Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World” written by Bren Koger.

In the last year, social media photo sharing has become an increasingly popular method of marketing your business.

Facebook has made photos a bigger part of their experience, Pinterest has exploded in part because of their simple photo-based interface and brands are seeing increased engagement from sharing visual updates online.

This represents a great opportunity for businesses to participate in this thriving community.  If you rely on your phone for pictures and video, here are a few devices that you might find helpful.

Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World

Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing WorldDon’t Be Caught Dead

If you are always on the go, nothing’s worse than finding that  your phone is dead.  Check out the Tego Power Card.  It’s a phone charger the size of a credit card that quickly charges your phone for you.



lumee-Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing WorldSee the Light

Have you ever tried to take a picture to post on Facebook or Instagram but there isn’t enough light around and you don’t have a flash?  With the LuMee, you will always have the perfect light.  It’s a light-up cell phone case that lights up your face for the perfect selfie.


extend-n-click- Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World

Go Go Gadget Phone

This next one is my favorite and great for shooting video while you’re walking or taking an arm-length picture that features everything in one frame. It’s called the Extend-n-Click… just pull out this wand, snap your phone in, plug in the cord and extend the wand.







hisy-Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing WorldGroupie

If you find it’s hard to get a large group in a shot, the Hisy solves that problem. It’s a little stand and remote that snaps your picture. The remote connects with the camera shutter via Bluetooth. you can take a picture with the remote from up to 90 feet!

Wrap Up

With social media photo sharing becoming more and more popular, and being a powerful way to promote yourself or products, being ready to shoot a picture or some video at all times can be extremely valuable.  Don’t get caught unprepared!


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Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World - Bren Koger











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Article:  Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World

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