How to Publish a Blog Using the Viral Blogging System


How to Publish a Blog Using the Viral Blogging System

The Empower Network VBS (Viral Blogging System) is a blogging tool that is very easy to use… even easier to use than a word processor.   We have already talked about how to How to Start Using the Empower Network Viral Blogging System, How to Embed A YouTube Video Into A Blog and Copying Over the Blog Signature for the Viral Blogging System.  Now you are ready to publish your first blog.

Now Learn How to Publish a Blog Using the Viral Blogging System

This video goes over the basics of how to select where to publish your blog, and some very basic SEO (search engine optimization) settings.

Now that you have published your first blog, start planning to publish your next blog.  It is extremely important to blog at least 5-7 times a week… once per day.  Personally I prefer to post several posts a day but that is because I manage several blogs and I need to keep the content fresh.  There are so many reasons why posting daily is important that it is too much to go into in this article…. we’ll cover it in another article.

I highly recommend the Viral Blogging System for anyone interested in blogging.  It is very easy to use, and plus Empower Network has an affiliate program with a 100% commission structure.  You can sign up for the blogging system by clicking the button below.

How to Publish a Blog Using the Viral Blogging System

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How to Embed a YouTube Video into the Viral Blogging System

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Article: How to Publish a Blog Using the Viral Blogging System

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